Afrodite by MG

The Brand

Afrodite by MG is a Scandinavian Jewelry brand designed in Oslo and handcrafted in Italy. In all stages of the creative process, the brand is inspired by art history and Greek mythology. But above all, we are seeking to unite the associated qualities of the goddess Afrodite; love, beauty, mystery, and passion, into unique jewelry. 

"I think something interesting arises in the meeting between the Greek Heritage and the Scandinavian Style: Classic and new, romantic and sleek, timeless and modern. "
- Founder Malin B Gulsrud 
(Malin Benneche Gulsrud)
The Founder 

Afrodite by MG was founded by Malin Benneche Gulsrud who her entire life has been passionate about the art world and fashion. After several years of studying in Italy, learning Italian, and learning about the fashion industry, she decided it was time to make dreams and passion into life by creating the jewelry brand Afrodite by MG.  
On a beautiful late summer course in Rome, she meet the brilliant artist Oda Reitan who shared her passion for everything aesthetically beautiful or intellectually interesting in the arts and life in general. Oda Victoria is a practicing artist and art historian while Malin is a Luxury Brand Manager. Oda has joined the brand with Art Collaborations and has contributed to fueling the brand with artistic inspirations. The latest collaboration is her painting VENERALIA who the new collection of Afrodite by MG took its colors from.  

The essence of the brand is to connect the two worlds of art and fashion, by creating unique handcrafted Italian Art Jewelry with stories from the past in a contemporary setting.

"Having Oda Reitan as a collaborator and part of the brand has been a great resource"
-Malin Gulsrud  

 (Malin Benneche Gulsrud and Oda Victoria Reitan) 

We hope that you want to be a part of this journey, to discover and indulge in jewelry, stories about art and artists, Greek mythology and history - and above all, all things beautiful.  
Artist Collaboration: Model wearing the Demeter Earrings from our VENERALIA Collection with the painting by Oda Victoria Reitan in the background. 
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