About the Brand

Afrodite is a Scandinavian jewelry brand created in Oslo and produced in Italy. Afrodite has in all stages of the creative process taken inspiration from art history and Greek mythology. But above all, we are seeking to unite the associated qualities of the goddess Afrodite; love, beauty, mystery and passion, into unique jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is made with the idea of unity between Scandinavian design and the aesthetic depth of Greek history.  
The materials that have been used in the first collection are hand-carved mother of pearl, gold plated silver, and pearls. 

The Greek goddess Afrodite has been described as the daughter of Zeus and Dione, and as the goddess born out of the sea.

The pearls in our collection represent her origin, the gold is an association to her divinity, and the sculptural bust in mother of pearl is a tribute to her sculpturous female curves.

The entire collection has been produced in Italy, where the cameos have been hand-carved in Naples. The city of Naples has through a several centuries long history and tradition established an extraordinary skill for the carved art jewelry, and are known as the best artisans within this field in the world. The jewelry is put together in Piedmont, the northwest region of Italy especially renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship.  


About the Founders

Afrodite by MG has been founded by Malin Benneche Gulsrud and Oda Victoria Reitan. The two Norwegians met while studying Art History in Rome. They are both sparkling enthusiastic about everything aesthetically beautiful or intellectually interesting in the arts and in life in general.

Malin and Oda Victoria immediately became best friends and have now years later grown their friendship, and their interest in art, books, culture, aesthetics, music, poetry, fashion, and everything else that nurtured their minds. Oda Victoria is a practising artist and art historian while Malin is a Luxury Brand Manager. Now they are seeking to merge the two worlds of art and fashion together in unique handcrafted Italian Art Jewelry.

 Afrodite By MG is a result of an adoration of art and beauty, nurtured by two hopeless romantics. We hope that you want to be a part of this journey too, to discover and to indulge in jewelry and stories about art and artists, Greek mythology and history - and above all, all things beautiful.