Our Story

Aphrodite by MG has been founded by two Norwegian girls Malin Benneche Gulsrud and Oda Victoria Reitan. The two girls met each other while both studying Art History in Rome. They are both sparkling enthusiastic about everything aesthetically beautiful or intellectually interesting in the arts and in life in general.

The girls immediately became best friends and have now years later grown their friendship, and their interest in art, books, culture, aesthetics, music, poetry, fashion and everything else that nurtured their minds and their friendship. Oda Victoria is the practising artist out of the two girls while Malin is the one who went on to to study fashion and business in Milan. Malin later took a master in Luxury Brand Management ,while Oda went on studying Art History. Now they are trying to merge the two worlds or art and fashion together in unique handcrafted Italian art Jewelery.

Aphrodite By MG is a product of an adoration of art, beauty and two hopeless romantics.. We hope that you want to be apart of this journey, to discover and to emerge in jewelry and stories about art, artists and greek myths.

We hope you want to be a part of this journey!

- Through Aphrodite By MG, we will introduce you to beautiful jewelry, stories about art, artists and Greek myths. We look forward to introducing you to Aphrodite's unique little universe.